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Window Tinting

Privacy Glass (Window Tinting)

Window tinting was the birthplace of our expertise in car enhancement, making our collective knowledge on vehicle build second to none. Depending on your vehicle we will remove the door glass to apply the privacy film, by removing the window glass enables our technicians to apply the privacy film edge to edge on the glass. This practice of applying the film edge to edge prevents the film from peeling at a later date.

Removing door cards, trim panel, rubber seal or door handles requires experience; we stock replacement retaining clips which all vehicle manufacturers use for the door and window assembly, knowing where the retaining clips are positioned is vital, as applying pressure in the wrong areas will damage the interior panels. The retaining clips are designed to break apart if the door assembly is opened, these must be replaced when refitting to avoid road noise or wind entering the vehicle.

Our workshop does not offer any mechanical services, therefore we are able to keep our workshop dust free. Our dust-free environment prevents dirt being transferred onto the film or glass, which if not cleaned thoroughly or has been contaminated by dust will affect the visual appearance of the tint and is the main reason why we have dedicated workshop area.

Window Tinting Shades

Whether you want a full car tint, or just the rear half tinted. We offer a variety of shades with different light transmission levels. You can choose from a very light subtle tint to a very dark tint, achieving maximum heat rejection. Mix & Match the types of tint shades you require for your vehicle. You can select different tints from the list above. So why not get n touch and take advantage of any special offers we may have running.

  • Police Enforcement – 30 % Film
  • Sunset Mist – 50 % Film
  • Comfort Cool Light Smoke 65 % Film
  • Desert Smoke – 80 % Film
  • Midnight Rally Dark – 85 % Film
  • Executive Limousine Black – 95 % Film


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