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Reverse Cameras & Parking Sensors

The installation of parking aids such as reverse cameras and parking sensors is possible on the majority of cars. Get peace of mind when reversing or parking your vehicle, with our parking aids installation service. We use Steelmate Parking Sensors or Universal Fit Reverse Cameras.

How Reverse Cameras Work

A backup camera (also called a reversing camera or rear-view camera) is a special type of video camera. Designed for the purpose of being attached to the rear of a vehicle to aid in backing up thus avoiding collisions. In simple terms, when you put your car into reverse, the mounted rear camera sends an image to a monitor to show what’s behind you alleviating blind spots.

How Parking Sensors Work

Parking sensors are usually automatically activated when reverse gear is selected. An audible indication is given every time the sensors are activated indicating they are working. Different audible indications are given depending on how close to the object your vehicle is. The further away the vehicle is, the slower the beep. The first warning zone generally begins at approx 1.2 metres. With the slow audible beep becoming progressively quicker and shorter as the vehicle moves closer to the object. When the rapid audible warning beep changes to a constant tone, this means the vehicle is in close proximity to the object. Approx 0.45 metres indicating that you should stop.

Quality Parking Aid Fitting

We cater to a large variety of vehicles and supply and fit parking sensors for the majority of the vehicle dealers in Bedfordshire. If the vehicle has not come directly from the vehicle manufacturer with optional extras. Odds are the dealership option offered at your request would be fitted by a 3rd party mobile fitter.

At TTints we have a dedicated area for our technicians to fit parking aids to vehicles with ease, we fit parking aids that conform to manufacturer assembly line disciplines; whether you want a reverse camera or parking sensors, trust TTints to handle your vehicle courteously. Get in touch today to book your appointment.