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Bluetooth Kits

Whether you want to keep in touch while on the move with a Bluetooth hands-free kit or you just want your iPod to connect to your current car stereo. We have a solution to suit your needs.

TTints supply and fit the UK’s most cutting-edge popular brand of car kits called Parrot. They offer a wide range of Bluetooth kits models, with pricing starting from £180, we supply and fit their most popular value for money models known as the CK3100 and the MKi9200.

Looking for a Hands-free Phone kit for your vehicle, that can also be used as your car audio device?

Here at TTints we can supply and fit all types of hands-free systems from the renowned Parrot devices to systems with docking cradles for charging.

Our iPod/Aux integration options offer customers a distinctive quality and flexibility. We can supply and fit iPod integration systems that connect your iPod to the radio through a charging dock of your device and allows you to be able to charge your iPod while listening to your favourite music. Auxiliary integration system connects through the headphone jack. This option does not allow you to charge your device but does provide a crisp sound.

Why not enquire today and find out what options we can offer you for your in-car phone/iPod solutions, then you can decide what options are best for you upon our recommendations.